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W., D. R.
The Spirit of Susannah - a fantasy dedicated to the generations of girls educated at Christ's Hospital from 1552-1952, and to all those benefactors, officers and mistresses who have made their education possible.

pp. 12. Stapled as issued in paper wrappers, a very good copy.

*Christ's Hospital (CH) is one of the famous Royal Hospitals of London, whose foundation marked the beginning of the social services in Tudor England. Inspired by a sermon by Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London, the young King Edward VI instructed the Lord Mayor, Sir Richard Dobbs, to appoint a committee of leading citizens to consider remedies and relief for the City's homeless poor. Their work, and subsequently their philanthropy, led to the founding of the five great Hospitals all supporting different needs. CH, established in the monastery of the Grey Friars in Newgate Street, embraced the task of educating and nourishing the destitute children of the City and took children of all social backgrounds and ages. In November 1552, CH opened its doors to 380 pupils and, within a year, the number had increased to over 500. Christ's Hospital's name derives from being founded in the parish of Christchurch, London. During the Middle Ages, hospitals served different functions from modern institutions. Medieval hospitals were alms houses for the poor, hostels for pilgrims, or hospital schools. The word "hospital" derives from the Latin noun hospitium and came to signify hospitality.

[For The Hospital]. N.p.

Date Published: [1952]. 8vo.

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