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DENNING, Alfred Thompson.
Lord Denning's Report. Presented to Parliament by the Prime Minister by Command of Her Majesty September 1963.

The circumstances leading to the resignation of the former Secretary of State for War, Mr. J. D. Profumo.

pp. vi, 114. Original printed paper wrappers, a very good copy.

*HANSARD : House of Commons Debate 16 December 1963 vol 686 cc853-983. HAROLD WILSON. I fully agree with the Prime Minister's tribute to Lord Denning, as we would all do, for his integrity, his thoroughness, his devotion to the task which was given him by the Government, and, not least—because everyone has noticed this; the Prime Minister paid tribute to it—for his superb gift of clarity in expressing his conclusions. But after the Prime Minister had paid that tribute to Lord Denning he then proceeded to try to demolish those parts of the Denning Report which were critical of the Government So we have the situation that the Prime Minister is apparently prepared to accept the Report, apart from those parts which are critical. After that, the Prime Minister went on to his proposals for a Security Commission, which I will come to in a few minutes, though I must say right away—I am sure the Prime Minister will agree—that what he has suggested here cannot be regarded as anything other than a long stop to deal with breakdowns in the system such as have occurred from time to time, and nothing that he has proposed this afternoon in any way derogates from the responsibility of the executive Government for adequately controlling the security services of this country.

HMSO. London.

Date Published: [1963]. Cmnd. 2152.

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