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A folder of the following maps:

Northern Hemisphere - Advance edition - January 1947 [revised November 1947] : Lithographed in colour, nos.1-14 all c.46 x 46 cms. folding, nos.15-19 all c.76 x 72 cms. folding. All held in folder at inner blank margin and except for no.19 in very good condition. Nos.18/19 has some edges tears with a bit of marginal loss, one large tear in the fold crudely repaired without loss of paper but with some loss of printed surface along the tear, a poor and working copy only of this map. 1. POLITICAL & TIME CHART GH-1a. 2. PHYSICAL RELIEF CHART GH-2a. 3. TEMPERATURE PROVINCES AND OCEAN CURRENTS CHART GH-3a. 4. ANNUAL PRECIPITATION CHART GH-4a. 5. CLIMATIC CHART GH-5a. 6. VEGETATION CHART GH-6a. 7. DENSITY OF POPULATION CHART GH-7a. 8. ECONOMIC CHART GH-8a. 9. TRANSPORTATION CHART GH-9a. 10. ISOBARS AND PREVAILING WINDS CHART-JANUARY GH-10a. 11. ISOBARS AND PREVAILING WINDS CHART-JULY GH-11a. 12. JANUARY CLIMATIC ZONES GH-19a. 13. JULY CLIMATIC ZONES GH-25a. PLUS: 14. GENERALIZED DIAGRAM OF ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE ZONES AND WORLD AIR MOVEMENTS AU-50a. Feb.1947, revised March 1948. PLUS: 15. National Geographic Magazine. EUROPE AND THE NEAR EAST. Russian and Polish Boundaries according to treaties and claims as of April 1949. 16. Ditto - THE TOP OF THE WORLD. October 1949. 17. Ditto - ASIA AND ADJACENT AREAS. 1942. 18. Ditto - PORTRAIT U.S.A. The First Color Photomosaic of the 48 Contiguous United States. July 1976. Back to back with : 19. Ditto - THE UNITED STATES. July 1976.


Aeronautical Chart Service. Washington.

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