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STEINER, Rudolf.
7 pamphlets : 1. Some Characteristics of Today. Steiner Book Centre. c.1920s. pp. 35, (i)

2. Cognition and Knowledge of the Christ. Steiner Publishing. c.1922. Second edition. pp. 22, (ii). 3. Whitsuntide. Steiner Publishing. c.1920s. pp. 28. 4. The Biological Dynamic Method of Rudolf Steiner. New Methods in Agriculture and Their Effects on Food-Stuffs. By EHRENFRIED PFEIFFER. c.1920s. pp. 24. 5. Eurhythmy. The Art of Movement. Anthroposophical Publishing Co. 1924. pp. 28, (iv). 6. Rudolf Steiner and the Modern Age. A brief Introduction to his MIND and WORK. Steiner Press. c.1970. pp. 15, (I). 7. Medical Work in Education. By EUGEN KOLISKO. Anthroposophical Publishing Co. 1929. pp. 19, (i).

All stapled into the original paper wrappers, very good copies.

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