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WITHERING, W[illiam].
A Systematic Arrangement of British Plants; Corrected and Condensed, Preceded by An Introduction to the Study of Botany, Accompanied with Figures: By W. MACGILLIVRAY.

pp. viii, [5]-184. 9 engraved plates of numerous figures, frontispiece and 11 hand-drawn and coloured figures; 185-907, (i). 33 hand-drawn and coloured figures. Full period calf, interleaved with blanks with copious annotation both on the blanks and in the text, the coloured figures added mostly to the blanks with a few marginal in v.II and some uncoloured figures on the blanks, a note from C[harles]. E[dward]. SOWERBY, 3 Mead Place, Westminster Road, in v.I identifies ownership and records the figures as drawn by JAMES SOWERBY and the 'remarks' by CHARLES JOHNSON. In addition there is the early signature of ANNA ELIZABETH LEIGH, 1838, A. C. GRESLEY and later stamp of A. P. M. DE KLUIJS, Tilburg with book-plate.

*CHARLES EDWARD SOWERBY [1795-1842], publisher and author of : Illustrated Catalogue of British Plants, 1841, privately printed. The reference to JAMES SOWERBY in the note above presumably relates to James de Carle [1787-1871]. JOHNSON, CHARLES (17911880), botanist, was born in London 5 Oct. 1791. He was intended by his father for an assayer, but his bent for natural history proved too strong. He began to lecture on botany in 1819, and thenceforward devoted himself entirely to that science. In 1830 he received the appointment of lecturer on botany in Guy's Hospital upon the founding of its medical school. Here he delivered forty-four courses of lectures, resigning his post in 1873. He was the first to introduce living specimens, which came mostly from his own garden, for demonstration. In 1832 he re-edited Sir James Smith's 'English Botany.' He also condensed the text and rearranged the contents of Sowerby's 'English Botany,' 2nd edit. in 12 vols. 183246. His other publications were: 'Ferns of Great Britain,' 1855, 'British Poisonous Plants,' 1856, and 'Grasses of Great Britain,' 1861. He retained his faculties to the last, and gave a course of botanical lectures in 1878, when aged 87. He died at Camberwell, 21 Sept. 1880. ANNA ELIZABETH LEIGH - born in 1812.1 She was the daughter of Egerton Leigh and Wilhelmina Sarah Stratton.1 She died on 28 August 1879, unmarried. L. G. Pine, editor, Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry, 17th edition, (London, England: Burke's Peerage Ltd, 1952), page 1505. For a brief history of the Sowerby family, see : JOHN COLLINS The Sowerby Family, privately printed, 1973.

Scott, Webster, and Geary. London.

Date Published: 1837. Fourth edition. 2 volumes.

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