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HILL, Leonard.
The Science of Ventilation and Open-Air Treatment. Part I. AND Part II. AND [Part III]. The KATA-Thermometer in Studies of Body Heat and Efficiency.

National Health Insurance. Medical Research Committee Special Report Series, No.32; Privy Council. Medical Research Council. Special Report Series, No.52; Privy Council. Medical Research Council. Special Report Series, No.73.

pp. 249, (iii). Folding chart, 82 figures; 295, (i) blank, (iv) List of Publications. 1 plate, 52 text figures; 196, (iv) Publications. Many text figures. Part I in original cloth-backed boards with stamp on front cover and title, a very good copy, Parts II and [III] in printed paper wrappers, similarly stamped and in very good condition. .

*See LORD COHEN Proc. roy. Soc. Med. Volume 61 March 1968 : 'For his extensive studies of the influence of temperature, humidity and air movement on human comfort and health and work-capacity, he developed the 'kata thermometer'. This instrument was a simple alcohol thermometer. By immersion in hot water the alcohol in the bulb was driven up the stem and then, either with the bulb wiped dry or with a wet muslin jacket upon it, the time was recorded by stop-watch that it took to fall from 1000 to 950F (points marked on the stem and the mean of which corresponds roughly to body temperature). By these simple means Hill endeavoured to get in a single figure the cooling power of the environment from convection, radiation and evaporation. How to interpret this figure in terms of human comfort could, however, be learned only from numerous observations in real life - in homes and schools, factories and offices. These observations are set out in three volumes of the Special Report Series of the Medical Research Council. Numbers 32 and 52, published in 1919 and 1920, form Parts I and lI of the author's magnum opus - 'The Science of Ventilation and Open Air Treatment'. Number 73, published in 1923, deals with the kata thermometer in studies of body heat and efficiency and records a vast amount of data from Leonard Hill himself, from the early investigators of the Industrial Fatigue Research Board and many others, ranging from the composing room of the printing works to the staterooms of a North Atlantic luxury liner.'

HMSO. London.

Date Published: 1919-1920-1923. 3 volumes.

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