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BUTLER, Henry Montagu and others.
A sammelband of 13 SERMONS & ADDRESSES, as follows :

1. BUTLER, Henry Montagu. 'Gather up the Fragments'. A Sermon Preached in St. Martin's Church, Leicester, On March 20th, 1898, Being the Sunday After the Dedication of the Vaughan Memorial Porch. Macmillan and Bowes. Cambridge. 1898. pp. 12. Original wrappers, faint vertical fold. 2. WÜNSCHE, Aug. Lehre der zwölf Apostel. Nach der Ausgabe des Metropoliten Philotheos Bryennios mit Beifügung des Urtextes, Nebst Einleitung und Noten. Ins Deutsche Übertragen. Otto Schultze. Leipzig. 1884. Zweiter Revidirter Abdruck. pp. 34. Original wrappers with a spill mark on the front cover, else in very good condition. 3. JONES, E. Rhys. The Life and Reign of Queen Victoria. Three Sermons Preached at St. Luke's Church, Reigate, By The Vicar..... on Sundays, January 27th and February 3rd, 1901. C. Stephens, Printer. Reigate. pp. 16. Original wrappers, a very good copy. 4. JONES, E. Rhys. The Direction of Thought. A Sermon Preached to Men in St. Andrew's Church, Stockwell Green, on Sunday Afternoon, Sept 25th, 1898. Dedicated to the Members of the Men's Meeting. Fox and Son, Printers. London. [1898]. pp. 7, (i). Original wrappers with faint vertical fold, else a very good copy. 5. [JONES, Edward Rhys] ROCHESTER, The Lord Bishop. Form of Service to be used at The Institution of Rev. Edward Rhys Jones, To the Vicarage of St. Luke, Reigate, and Induction to the Same by the VEN. THE ARCHDEACON OF KINGSTON, at 7.30 p.m., On Thursday, February 15th, 1900. C. Stephens, Printer. Reigate. [1900]. pp. 8. Front wrapper only, very good. 6. VAUGHAN, Charles John. The Indian Sorrow, and Its Lessons for the Young: A Sermon Preached in Harrow School. Published for the Benefit of the Indian Relief Fund. Rivingtons. London. 1857. pp. 16. Original wrappers with authors inscription, very good.

7. ARCHDEACON OF LIVERPOOL. Loving the Habitation of the House of God. A Sermon Preached by the Venerable The Archdeacon of Liverpool, at the Re-Opening of Mold Church. To Which is Added an Appendix Containing an Account of the Re-Opening. Whittaker, London; Holden, Liverpool; Pring and Price, Mold. 1856. pp. 17, (iii) Appendix. No wraps, faint vertical fold, very good. 8. RYLE, Rev. John Charles. 'The Way of All the Earth.' A Sermon Preached at St. Andrew's Church, Liverpool, on December 15th, 1889, Being the Sunday After the Funeral of the Ven Archdeacon Jones, the First Minister of St. Andrew's, Who Died on December 5th, 1889, at the Advanced Age of 98. J. A> Thompson, Printers. Liverpool. [1889]. pp. 21, (i). Original wrappers, very good. 9. JONES, John Herbert. If they hear not Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead. An Essay which Obtained the Norrisian Prize for the Year M.DCCC.XLVI. J. and J. J. Deighton and others. Cambridge. 1846. pp. 50. Original wrappers, first and last pages dust-marked else a very good copy. 10. LIDDON, H. P. A Father in Christ. A Sermon Preached at St. Paul's Cathedral, at the Consecration of the Right Reverend Edward King, D. D., Lord Bishop of Lincoln, and of the Right Reverend Edward Henry Bickersteth, D. D. Lord Bishop of Exeter, on the Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist, 1885. Rivingtons. London. 1885. Third edition, Revised With a Notice of the Rev. Dr. Hatch's Paper in the 'Contemporary Review,' June, 1885. Published by Desire. pp. xliii, (i), 36. Original wrappers, a very good copy. 11. FREDERICK, Archbishop of Canterbury. Charge delivered at his First Visitation. Macmillan. London. 1898. Sixth thousand. pp. 39, (i). Original wrappers, very good copy. 12. CREIGHTON, Mandell. The Position of the Church of England An Address Delivered at Rurudecanal Conferences in the Diocese of London During the months of November and December 1898. With an Appendix. Longmans, Green. London. 1899. pp. 24, (i). Original wrappers, very good. 13. GOUGH, Edward John. What Says the Prayer Book ? The Sober Standard of the Church of England on Questions of the Day. Mawson, Swan, & Morgan. Newcatle-on-Tyne. 1898. pp. 69, (i). Original wrappers, very good copy. Contemporary cloth, much faded.

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