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DART, Raymond A.
Collection of 5 offprints, as follows : 1. The Oriental Horizons of Africa.

pp. (ii), 3-24. Original printed wrappers, inscribed by the author 'Mary Whitear', at that time in the Zoology Department of UCL. *A reprint of the series of talks that Dart gave to the SABC as a sequel to his earlier series - 'Africa's Place in the Human Story'. TOGETHER WITH : 2. DART, Raymond A. The First Australopithecine Fragment from the Makapansgat Pebble Culture Stratum. OFFPRINT from Nature, Vol. 170, July 23, 1955. pp. (3). 2 figures. Very good copy. TOGETHER WITH : 3. BRAIN, C. K., VAN RIET LOWE, C. and DART, R. A. Kafuan Stone Artefacts in the Post-Australopithecine Breccia at Makapansgat. OFFPRINT from Nature, Vol. 175, Jan. 1st. 1955, pp. 7, (i). 3 figures. Very good copy. TOGETHER WITH : 4. DART, Raymond A. The Myth of the Bone-Accumulating Hyena. OFFPRINT from American Anthropology, Vol. 58, no. 1, February 1956. pp. (40)-62. A very good copy in the original printed wrappers. TOGETHER WITH : 5. DART, Raymond. A. The Earlier Stages of Indian Trans-Oceanic Traffic. OFFPRINT from NADA, Vol. 34, 1957. pp. 95-115. A very good copy in the original printed wrappers.

*Dart was the first to describe Australopithecus africanus, in 1925.

South African Broadcasting Corporation Magazine. Johannesburg.

Date Published: 1954. WITH 4 related ofprints.

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