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MATHESON, T. G. Major-General.
To The Guards Division.

Single sheet [32½ x 27 cms.], printed recto only, double-column. Folded both horizontally and vertically, occasional fold tear, edges creased and nicked, dilapidated but no loss of text.

*Written on the 11th November 1918 - 'By your capture on November th of Maubeuge, the ancient strong place of the Low Countries, you have brought to a victorious conclusion a period of many weeks of almost incessant fighting, in which your determination and discipline have overcome the most formidable obstacles................. I am even prouder to have the honour to command the Guards Division today than when I first came to it two months ago. No troops have served their King and Country more devotedly, in hard times as in soft; no troops have done more to win the prize which is announced today, the victorious cessation of hostilities and the promise of a justly rewarding peace.' This is an unsurprisingly rare piece of ephemera, no copy recorded by COPAC or WORLDCAT.

Printed in France by Army Printing and Stationery Services.

Date Published: 1918.

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