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WHITBY, Sir Lionel.
A collection of offprints, TOTAL : 52 items.

COMPRISING : SULPHONAMIDES -:- x6, 1937-1942, including: Sulphonamide Drugs in War. 1942 -:- Mode of Action of Drugs of the Sulphonamide Group. 1939. BLOOD TRANSFUSION -:- x11, 1940-1955, including: Hazards of Transfusion. 1942 -:- Use and Abuse of Transfusion. 1955. HAEMATOLOGY -:- x35, 1926-1957, including: A Case of Pernicious Anaemia of the Aplastic Type, 1926 -:- Concept of Leuchaemia, 1956.

All in very good condition.

*SIR LIONEL WHITBY [1895-1956], haematologist and clinical pathologist, Professor of Physic at the University of Cambridge, injured at Passchendaele resulting in a leg amputation, established the Army Transfusion Service which became the National Blood Transfusion Service after the war. SEE GARRISON-MORTON #1951 AND #3210 [not included here].

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