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DE BEER, Sir Gavin.
Darwin's Journal. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Historical Series. Vol.2 No.1. 1959. pp. 21, (iii). WITH : DE BEER, Sir Gavin. Darwin's Notebooks on Transmutation of Species Part I. First Notebook (July 1837 - February 1838). BBMHS. Vol.2 No.2, 1960. pp. 23-73. 3 figures. WITH : ibid. Part II. Second Notebook (February to July 1838). BBMHS. Vol.3 No.3, 1960. pp. 75-118.

WITH : ibid. Part III. Third Notebook. July 15th 1838 - October 2nd. 1838. BBMHS. Vol.2 No.4, 1960. pp. 119-150. WITH : ibid. Part IV. Fourth Notebook (October 1838 - 10 July 1839). BBMHS. Vol.2 No.5, 1960. pp. 151-183. WITH : DE BEER and ROWLANDS M. J. [Part V] Addenda and Corrigenda. BBMHS. Vol.2 No.6, 1961. pp. 185-200. WITH : NORA BARLOW. Darwin's Ornithological Notes [Cambridge University Handlist (1960) No.29(ii)]. BBMHS. Vol.2 No.7, 1963. pp. 201-278. WITH : DE BEER, ROWLANDS and SKRAMOVSKY, B. M. Darwin's Notebooks on Transmutation of Species Part VI. Pages Excised by Darwin. BBMHS. Vol.3 No.5, 1967. pp. 129-176. WITH : FREEMAN, R. B. Charles Darwin on the Routes of the Male Humble Bees. BBMHS. Vol.3 No.6, 1968. pp. 177-189. 1 figure. WITH : FREEMAN, R. B. and GAUTREY, P. J. Charles Darwin's Queries About Expression. BBMHS. Vol.4 No.3, 1972. pp. 205-219. 1 plate.

All in the original green printed wrappers, ex libris RICHARD FREEMAN, all very good copies.

*FREEMAN #1573 for the Journal; #1574 for the notebooks; #1577/#1658/#876 for the others.

Date Published: 1959-1973. 10 parts.

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