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VIDYARTHI, Pandit Guru Datta.
Works of the Late Pandit Guru Datta Vidyarthi, M.A., Professor of Physical Science, Government College, Lahore. Revised and Edited by LALA JIVAN DAS, Pensioner, Lahore. Part I.

pp. 227, (i) Advertisement. Original green cloth, paper label on front cover, inscription on the front free end-paper - 'Presented to our all-awake and destined to rise, Deputy Comr W. Malan, Esquire, C.S. by Ram Bhaj Datta an humble admirer and friend of the Author. 8th August 1900 Amritsar.', the spine a little worn at the ends, otherwise a very good cop, ex libris RICHARD FREEMAN, Darwin scholar, with his note at the front - 'One of the least useful contributions to the Darwin debate I've ever encountered.'

*COPAC records copies at Cambridge and Bradford Universities, PLUS a copy of the 1902 second edition [with Biographical Sketch] in the British Library. The Cambridge record states 'imperfect', no detail from Bradford. A 3rd. edition was issued in 1912. It seems likely that it is PART I - all published. The commentary on DARWIN above is found on pp. 220-222 - 'Darwin has been a very great name in the annals of science......... some of the conclusions that flow from it [the theory] are so subversive of, if not directly contradictory to, beliefs which have delighted mankind for ages, that it would be as well to take a cursory glance at its main features..... The theory, it will be seen from the above, is open to this very serious objection that according to it an animal in passing from one sphere to another not only loses all of a sudden those very things which he developed the most in his previous state, but also gains those which he had the least opportunity of using before. It is thus seen that the theory cannot even claim a tentative place among hypotheses far less than that of an established and proved truth.'

Printed by L. Lalman, at the 'Punjab Economical' Press.

Date Published: 1897. 8vo.

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