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BALY, William and KIRKES, William Senhouse.
Recent Advances in the Physiology of Motion, the Senses, Generation, and Development.

Being a Supplement to the Second Volume of Professor Müller's 'Elements of Physiology.'

pp. vii, (i), 132, (iv) Advertisements, 16 Catalogue. 25 text figures. Original cloth faded with paper spine label, spine ends wearing, inscription 'From the author' and signature of A. MILNES MARSHALL.

*ARTHUR MILNES MARSHALL [1852-1893], zoologist, author of "The Development of the Cranial Nerves in the Chick", 1878-1882; "The Morphology of the Vertebrate Olfactory Organ", 1879; "Observations on the Cranial Nerves of Scyllium", 1881 (with W. Baldwin Spencer); "On the Head-cavities and associated Nerves of Elasmobranchs", 1881. In 1882 he published a memoir on "The Segmental Value of the Cranial Nerves" in the Journal of Anatomy and Physiology. With his later researches on the anatomy of Pennatulid corals, these papers form Marshall's significant contributions to zoology. A list of his major papers is in The Owens College, Manchester, 1900, pp. 210, 211. He also wrote three zoological text-books, The Frog (1882, 7th edit. 1900), Practical Zoology (with Charles Herbert Hurst) (1887, 5th edit. 1899), and Vertebrate Embryology (1893). Other works were Biological Essays and Addresses (1894), and The Darwinian Theory (1894). He was a powerful proponent of the recapitulation theory, expressing it in a striking metaphor - animals "climb up their genealogical tree". He was a keen mountaineer and like his friend Francis Balfour, who died in an accident whilst climbing Mont Blanc, Marshall was killed when the path on Scafell gave way when he was taking photographs.

Taylor and Walton. London.

Date Published: 1848.

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