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LAMONT, James.
Seasons with the Sea-Horses; Or, Sporting Adventures in the Northern Seas.

pp. xii, (ii), 312, 13, (iii). Frontispiece, 6 plates and folding map. Original cloth gilt, the top of the front cover marked by the removal of a label, the edge of the lower margin of the map at the end and the preceding six leaves a bit ragged, heraldic book-plate of JOHN CROFT DEVERELL, ex libris RICHARD FREEMAN, Darwin scholar with a few of his notes at the front, a good copy.

*SEE FREEMAN Charles Darwin A Companion, pp.184-5 : 'Lamont sent Charles Darwin a copy [of Seasons....]; CD replied about whales and bears. The book, p.17, contains an important statement about the relationship between British red grouse and Scandinavian willow grouse, and, at p.277, quotes whale-bear story, from 1st. edition of Origin p.184, in full, the only reproduction of it in CD's lifetime except in 1860 USA editions of the Origin.' ALSO FREEMAN Works of Charles Darwin : p.78, 'The second edition [of the Origin].... published in 1860. Three thousand copies were printed..... the whale-bear story [was] diluted, an alteration which Darwin later regretted, although he never restored the full text. This story is not found again in any printing, except in the American editions of 1860, until the end of copyright. It is to be found reprinted in full, however in James Lamont Seasons with the sea-horses, 1861, as part of an essay on the origin of marine mammals (pp.271-285).'

Hurst and Blackett. London.

Date Published: 1861.

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