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[HOOKE, Robert].
The Wonders of the Microscope; Or, An Explanation of the Wisdom of the Creator in Objects Comparatively Minute. By the Author of Wonders of the Telescope.

pp. iv, 202. Folding frontispiece with some added colour, 5 folding plates and occasional text woodcut. Original gilt decorated cloth, 2 of the plates with attachment tears without loss, small mark in the margin of p.195, a little foxing at the front, the stitching strained due to the thickness of the folding plates, overall a very good copy, ex libris RICHARD FREEMAN with his notes at the front - 'The earliest edition of this is 12mo dated 1811 (probably one of [1806] Yes I have it). See Keynes No.12 who is not aware of this edition.' There is also a contemporary inscription dated 1840.

*SEE FREEMAN British Natural History Books, #4074 - there are several editions of this work, the first being [1806] Tabart, followed by those of 1811 Phillips, [c.1819], and 1823 Darton. SEE KEYNES Bibliography of Dr. Robert Hooke, #12 - Keynes gives full details of the 1811 Phillips edition containing 6 plates : Louse-Microscope-Mites-Flea-Fly plus Point of a Needle, this plate not listed in Directions to the Binder. Keynes makes no mention of the edition offered here also containing 6 plates : Animalcula - Microscope - Mite, Point of Needle, Full Stop, Snowflakes - Flea - Louse - Fly. The unlisted plate 6 in the Phillips edition is here combined with that of the Cheese Mites. The Animalcula frontispiece here is a lithograph, the other plates are wood engravings copied, with the exception of the Microscope, from Hooke's Micrographia. The plate of the Microscope is not listed in the Directions to Binder. This [1839] Darton & Clark edition appears to be scarcer than the others and is not listed by COPAC. However, OCLC does record two locations - NYPL and Princeton. There is no information as to the author of this reworking of Hooke and others - Hooke and Leeuwenhoek are both mentioned in the text but there is no acknowledgement of the source of the plates. When cross-checked against COPAC, for instance, the author of Wonders of the Telescope is simply listed as the author of Wonders of the Microscope ! Both works were published by William Darton.

Darton and Clark. London.

Date Published: No date [c.1839]. New edition. 16mo.

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