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BEARE, SON & CO. Ironfounders.
A COST Ledger for work done, name of the customer, date and full costings even including the hourly rate for various workmen. This comprises c.300 pages, from 1867 until 1931.

For example : #An overshot Water Wheel 20ft. diameter x 2ft9 wide with Internal Gear Ring 13ft diameter made and erected at Venn Near Teignmouth for J. T. Harvey Esq. Torquay, Ano. 1875. COST 88.0.0 [Profit 11.5.0] #72in Drum made for Newton Saw Mill with Wood Rings, Cast Iron arms and 4 Keyways. 1874. COST 6.10.7 [Profit 2.0.6]. #Special Strong Angle Pump Bob made for Watts, Blake and Bearns. Dec.1921. COST 27.1.7.

TOGETHER WITH : 6 NOTEBOOKS of working drawings for ironworks and machinery, dated from c.1886 to c.1931. All in dilapidated binding condition, much used, the stitching broken and many loose leaves, the Cost Ledger affected by damp at the ends though all entries legible.

*A remarkable survival of a Devon [Newton Abbot] ironfounder and manufacturer of agricultural machinery, with many detailed costings of material and labour, with the names of clients and their locations, and many incidental comments - 'Experiment in Bell Metal - March 29 [18]86 - 12lbs. pure copper & 4 lbs. pure tin melted produced a very hard brittle metal, a ring with metal but consider it a failure (should recommend less tin & think a little zinc).'

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