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CEREVISIA ANGLICANA OR ENGLISH HERB DIET-DRINK, Discovered by Joshua Webster, M.D. The Celebrated Botanist, Inventor of Dr. James's Powders, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London; Highly approved of and mentioned in the Works of the eminent Abernethy........ Dr. Joshua Webster was called in and consulted in the last illness of His Majesty George II.

..... the late Dr. B. Franklin, of America, when in London (many years ago), being afflicted with an obstinate Scorbutic Complaint, which had long resisted the most approved means of treatment, was cured in about two months by use of the DIET-DRINK only. There follows a number of elaborate Testimonials dated from 1858 until 1884.


*This patent medicine was developed by Joshua Webster in 1742 and passed to his wholesaler, Samuel Slee, after his death in c.1803. Slee's son, Edward, took over proprietorship in the early 1800s and when he died some time after 1837, the Diet-Drink passed into the hands of his son-in-law, George Pike. In 1854, Pike died and the business became the property of his son, George Junior, who traded into the 1890s, and apparently went out of business before the end of the century. SEE - WILLIAM HELFAND Quack Quack Quack, page 74, for an illustration of an earlier [c.1803] broadside advertising Cerevisia.

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Date Published: [c.1884]. Folio sheet printed recto only.

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