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A manuscript receipt book, comprising 11 leaves containing a number of domestic and medical receipts :

Mr. Pearson's Eye Water; To make Tooth Powder; Electuary for the Piles; Dr. Cassells's Carminative; A Wash or Fomentation; To Pickle a Ham; To make a nine gal.cask of Currant Wine [1817]; To Make Barm; An excellent method of preventing the spreading of Infectious Fevers; To Make Ginger Beer; To Make a Scent Pot; For Green Gooseberry Wine; For a Five Gallon Cask of Cowslip Wine; Worm Powders; A fine Cement Mend broken Glass; Cure for the Tooth Ache; Sting of Wasp; A Remedy for Corns on the Feet; A Paste to extract Grease from Woollen Clothes; To make Paper Transparent; British Wines; Dr. Moss's Remedy for Violent Sickness and Vomiting; To Stew a Rump of Beef; Recipe for a Bruise; Lotion for the Teeth (from Mrs. Rawstorne. 1827); To die ribbons or anything with Archiel; To make 40 Peristaltic Persuaders; Tonic Tincture; Itch (Professor Delpech of Montpellier) 1828; Marking Ink; For the Tooth ache; Lotion for a Tetter or Ringworm; Lotion for the Teeth; Valuable recipe for making Ink; Mr. Sharp's recipe for Martha, 1832; Gentian Root 1833.

Bound in marbled printer's waste, slightly dilapidated but intact and readable, the paper watermarked for 1811, the latest dated entry for 1833.

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