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A History of Medicine in Pictures. Directed by GEORGE A. BENDER, Paintings by ROBERT A. THOM.

Portfolio containing the Second Set of Six Reproductions of a Continuing Series of Original Oil Paintings Commissioned by Parke, Davis : 1. HIPPOCRATES : Medicine Becomes a Science. 2. GALEN : Influence for 45 Generations. 3. RHAZES and Arabic Medicine. 4. MEDIEVAL Hospitals. 5. PARACELSUS - Stormy Petrel of Medicine. 6. VESALIUS - and the Anatomy of Man. Each plate is c.43.5 x 34 cms. within printed paper portfolio, text on the inside of the sheets, the whole contained within a card folder, fastening each side by metal clips. All in very good condition excepting the card around the holes for each clip which is a trifle worn, and the perforations have torn along a short portion of one of the text sheets, also a small mark on the covering sheet.

*These presentation packs were intended to be broken and the prints framed to embellish waiting rooms and surgeries. They are, accordingly, scarce when intact.

Parke, Davis & Co. U.S.A.

Date Published: 1958.

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