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FELKIN, R[obert]. W[illiam].
On the Geographical Distribution of Some Tropical Diseases, and Their Relation to Physical Phenomena.

Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

pp. (ii), 54, &, (i) Catalogue. 16 coloured, folding maps. Original cloth, presentation stamp - WITH DR FELKIN'S COMPLIMENTS - neat library stamp over, a very good copy.

*FELKIN [1853-1926], medical missionary and anthropologist, at the time of writing of this book, lecturer in diseases of the tropics and climatology, Edinburgh School of Medicine. He also practised as a ceremonial magician and member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a prolific author on Uganda and Central Africa, and t, with an interest in ethno-medicine and tropical diseases. He was founder in 1903 of the Stella Matutina, a new Order based on the original Order of the Golden Dawn, with its Hermes Temple in Bristol, UK and, later, Whare Ra (or more correctly, the Smaragdum Thallasses Temple) in Havelock North, New Zealand in 1912. He emigrated to New Zealand and practised there as a physician and magician , died and was buried there. The fullest account of his life is found in A Wayfaring Man, a fictionalised biography written by his second wife Harriet and published in serial form between 1936 and 1949.

Young J. Pentland. Edinburgh and London.

Date Published: 1889.

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