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The 'Atlas' Game. A Bagatelle.

A bagatelle board, plywood base with coloured paper WORLD map to the interior, metal rims, diversions and pins, wooden handled ejector spring. The map divided into two roundels, the uppermost showing the Americas and the poles, the lower showing the rest of the world, each area with its distinctive animal emblem [with a portion of Antarctica and an emblem of a polar bear !], the top drilled within a compass rose. Some of the metalwork is enamelled, that which is not so treated has rusted, as have the pins and rivets, the map is somewhat dusty; the reverse bears a paper instruction panel with title and imprint.

*Founded in 1913, the Lindstrom Tool & Toy Co. specialised in children's toys manufactured from pressed steel and tin. They made many different models of bagatelle - this one offered is one of the scarcer designs and a curious cartographic item.

Lindstrom Tool & toy Co. Bridgeport, Conn. [USA].

Date Published: c.1934.

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Price: 95.00