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Pink Furniture. A Tale for Lovely Children with Noble Natures. Illustrated by NANCY BANKART GURNEY.

pp. 251, (v) blank. 25 full page illustrations. Original pink linen now almost faded to white, no dust wrapper, MISPRINT on page 191, penultimate line, final word 'its' has the letter 't' upside down, with Coppard's signed inscription to ANNE SCOTT-RUSSELL with this added note - 'with this, my apology : There are some truths within this book/Inscribed with no misgiving,/But O the dreadful lies I wrote/To make an honest living ! ', PLUS a note on a separate sheet added - 'The 'real' first edition of this book consists of a few copies that were dated on the fly leaf MCMXXIX (1929)'. PLUS an ALS in stamped addressed envelope to Mrs. Scott-Russell from Walberswick, Southwold, 14.9.36 - 'Certainly - I am told that the weather here has been awful, but it seemed all right to me. Have just had the most perfect bathe. Yours sincerely ..........'

Jonathan Cape. London.

Date Published: 1930. First edition.

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