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Special Reports on Educational Subjects. The Teaching of Mathematics in the United Kingdom, Being a series of Papers prepared for the International Commission on the Teaching of Mathematics.

pp. ii, (3)-14, (ii); 9, (i); ii, 29, (i); 32, (ii); 34, (ii), ii, 8; ii, 13, (i); ii, 15, (i); ii, 17, (i); ii, 104, (ii). 2 folding plates; ii, 19, (i); ii, 26, (ii); ii, 33, (i); ii, 53, (i). Erratum slip; ii, 17, (i); ii, 14, (ii); ii, 41, (i); 32, (ii); (ii), 49, (iii); 18, (ii); (ii), 13, (iii). Amateur binding of cloth with paper spine label, contents overall good, some title-pages a bit creased in the margins, some leaves cropped at the fore-edge without affecting text, two advert leaves with a piece cut out.

*A fascinating examination of the teaching of mathematics at the turn of the twentieth century - Higher Mathematics for the Classical Sixth Form - Comparison of Work in Boys' and Girls' Schools - Examinations from the School Point of View - Teaching of Mathematics to Young Children - Educational Value of Geometry - Mathematics at Osborne and Dartmouth - etc. etc. COPAC records many locations for single parts or short runs but only UCL for nos. 1-24; very scarce in commerce.

HMSO. London.

Date Published: 1911-1912. 21 Parts, of 28.

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