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CRITCHLEY, Macdonald.
ESSAYS, as follows in four volumes : The Black Hole and other essays. Pitman Medical Publishing. London. 1964. pp. x, 288. 8 plates, occasional text figure. Torn dust wrapper, signed by CRITCHLEY.

The Divine Banquet of the Brain and Other Essays. Raven Press. New York. 1979. pp. viii, (ii), 267, (i). Portrait and many text illustrations. Very good copy. The Citadel of the Senses and Other Essays. Raven Press. New York. 1986. pp. x, 2177, (i). Many text illustrations. A very good copy. The Ventricle of Memory. Personal Recollections of Some Neurologists. Raven Press. New York. 1990. pp. x, 213, (i). Numerous portraits. A very good copy.


*These are all from the personal estate of MACDONALD CRITCHLEY.

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