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TROTTER, Wilfred and DAVIES, H. Morriston.
Experimental Studies in the Innervation of the Skin. Reprinted from the Journal of Physiology. Vol.XXXVIII, Nos. 2 & 3, February 9, 1909. pp. (134)-246. 1 plpate, 29 text figures. TOGETHER WITH :

TROTTER & DAVIES. The peculiarities of sensibility founds (sic) in cutaneous areas supplied by regenerating nerves. Journal f. Psychologie und Neurologie. Bd.20, Heft 2. 1913. pp. 102-150. 7 text figures. TOGETHER WITH : TROTTER & DAVIES. The Exact Determination of Areas of Altered Sensibility. Review of Neurology and Psychiatry, October 1907. pp. (761)-772. 6 text figures. TOGETHER WITH : TROTTER, Wilfred. A Lecture on the Sensibility of the Skin in Relation to Neurological Theory. The Lancet, June 21st, 1924. pp. 1252. [pp. 12].

All presentation copies to F. M. R. WALSHE, all signed by Walshe, only the last one initialled by Trotter, all heavily annotated in pencil by Walshe, the first two dilapidated as a result, the plate in the first paper torn and repaired, all bound together in cloth with Walshe's signature and book-label at the front.

*Walshe has added a note to the front of the second paper : 'Sir V. Horsley said to me of this paper that the authors had published it in English in a German journal so that the English couldnt get it and the Germans couldnt read it.'

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