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CRITCHLEY, Macdonald.
The Parietal Lobes.

pp. vii, (i), 480. Coloured frontispiece, 10 plates, 137 figures. Very good copy in slightly torn dust wrapper, signed by Critchley to his wife, Eileen - 'To Eileen, With the author's compliments Macdonald Critchley - 'The words take wing, like migrant birds.' '

*GARRISON-MORTON #4615.3 INTRODUCTION: 'Perhaps it is not sufficiently realised that the parietal lobes are empirical conceptions rather than autonomous entities in the anatomical or physiological sense. Consequently there is something essentially artificial about a full-dress discussion limited to a sector of the cerebral hemisphere. For this reason, it is tempting to predict that the present monograph, though one of the first to be devoted to parietal symptomatology, may well be the last. Subsequent writers will probably approach the problem of cerebral function from a wider angle. A fairly comprehensive [1093 titles!] list of references is given...... Great care has been taken to record all references accurately......'.

Hafner Publishing. New York and London.

Date Published: 1969. Second printing of 1966 facsimile reprint of 1953.

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