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Six cash and subscription ledgers as follows : NOS. 1 and 2 [SIZE : 46 x 31 cms.] : Devon & Exeter Hospital. Ledger-Book of Subscriptions to the said Hospital, Shewing, by the Dates, and References to the Pages in the Cash Book, to what Times they are paid, and consequently how many Years (if any) in Arrear, and therefore commonly call'd The Arrear-Book. Shewing also, the Accounts of Dividends in Old and New South-Sea-Annuities, and a List of such Benefactions as qualify their Donors to be Governors, or intitle them to recommend Patients. Begun in the Year 1768. To this is since added, A Compleat Register of the Legacies given to the Use of this Hospital from its Foundation to 1778, to be thence continued, as subsequent Legacies are successively reported or accounted for. [so titled in ms. in the first of these ledgers].

Ledger no.1 runs from 1768 to 1802; ledger no.2 from 1803 to 1837. Both bound in reversed calf with copper riveted corners, no.2 lacking the front board, contents on vellum and paper. NOS. 3, 4 and 5 [SIZE : 43 x 31 cms. and one at 46 x 31 cms.] : Subscriber's Books Alphabetical : Lady Day 1748 to 1768; 1796 to 1802; 1803 to 1810. Plus List of Patients, number of weeks attended and whether released 'cured'. Plus Account of Old [and New] South-Sea-Annuities bought for, and of Dividends in those Annuities received by, the Devon and Exeter Hospital since Michaelmas 1749 from which Time the First Half Year's Dividend was to commence.

No.6 [SIZE : 39 x 25 cms.] : QUARTERLY ACC[OUNT]. BOOK FROM L[ADY]. D[AY]. 1802 TO L[ADY]. D[AY]. 1826 [so titled]. Comprising : 4 double-page accounts per year : LADY DAY [March 25th.] to MIDSUMMER : MIDSUMMER to MICHAELMAS [29th. September]: MICHAELMAS to CHRISTMAS : CHRISTMAS TO LADY DAY. The first page is : State and Balance of the Hospital Accounts ... CASH DEBTOR/CASH CREDITOR & STATE AND BALANCE OF THE ACCOUNTS FROM THE FOUNDATION TO ....... The opposing page is : STATE OF THE PATIENTS from Jan.1st. 1742-3 (when the Hospital was opened) to ..... particularly distinguishing the Numbers admitted and discharged during the last quarter. PLUS : Account of the Patients admitted and discharged ... taking the IN and OUT Patients separately, and distinguishing the Patients changed from IN to OUT, and the contrary. These quarterly accounts are followed by : An ABSTRACT of the ACCOUNT, from LADY-DAY ----, to LADY-DAY. SECTIONS : RECEIPTS/PAYMENTS viz. HOUSEKEEPING/SUNDRIES/EXTRAORDINARY EXPENCES/A GENERAL ABSTRACT of the whole Account from the Foundation, August 27, 1741 to Lady-Day ----/STATE of the PATIENTS from January 1st.1742-3 when the Hospital was opened, to ---- THUS c.250 pp. Each page has a printed boundary with printed forms, filled in with manuscript figures and annotations, in a fine and legible hand. The Annual Abstract is entirely printed, without border or ms. addition. TOGETHER WITH : A printed broadside - A SCHEME TO REGULATE THE ATTENDANCE OF THE CLERGY, WHO GIVE THEIR SERVICE TO THE DEVON & EXETER HOSPITAL, FROM NOVEMBER 8, 1825, TO OCTOBER 26, 1826. Followed by the list of named clergy during that time. Printed by TREWMAN, PRINTERS, EXETER. All in contemporary reversed calf, with elaborate centre panels and decorated borders, on vellum and laid paper, some foxing throughout, the alphabetical tabs very dusty, one front board detached and one lacking [see above], occasional leaf torn, covers snagged and worn, volume 4 with the top gutter corner showing damp corrosion for the second half of the book, overall considering age, size and usage, in good order.

*SEE - DELPRATT HARRIS. The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. 1922. Harris gives a detailed annual account of the expenditure and receipts, many items of which may be cross-checked with these accounts. In 1801, the then Secretary to the Hospital, Mr. Coggan, was replaced - 'Although the Secretary to the Hospital, Mr. Coggan, who followed Mr. Wm. Chapple, wrote extraordinarily well, it appears that his accounts and books were not so well kept as could have been wished, and on November 12th [1801]when he sent in his resignation it was accepted at once.' Certainly, the ms. additions to this ledger are in a very fine and legible hand and a note at the end states - 'For the subsequent Quarterly accounts - They will be found in the Secretary's Cupboard In a Bundle - J. H. 28 October 1828 -'. Clearly these ledgers are a remnant of what would have been an extensive run of account books but remain an amazing survival of considerable historical interest. SEE : The Development of the London Hospital System, 1823 - 2015, Geoffrey Rivett : '............. there was little interest in the founding of hospitals until the early eighteenth century when it became increasingly common. A group of like-minded individuals might form a charitable association, with one or more medical men. The doctors might be professional leaders, like Cheselden who was on the staff of several hospitals. On the other hand they might merely be seeking a reputation. Simultaneously there were developments in medical knowledge and the role of the hospitals began to change. From being places of refuge they began to develop into institutions for curing, rather than care and comfort.'

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