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WILLIS, Thomas.
The Anatomy of the Brain and Nerves. WILLIAM FEINDEL, Editor.

pp. xx, 104, (ii). Facsimile portrait frontispiece of Willis 1742, 13 plates; xii, (x), 55-192, (xxiv) Table & Postscript, (iv) blank. 13 plates, including 3 folding, 10 text figures. Full vellum, uncut, slip-case, a very nice copy, signed inscription from WILLIAM FEINDEL to MACDONALD CRITCHLEY 'with warmest regards, Montreal Neurological Institute, March 19. 1979'.

*"This tercentenary edition is LIMITED to 2000 sets printed on Spanish mould-made paper...the two volumes have been bound in Linson Vellum...". Includes bibliographical references. "List of editions [of Willis' works]": v. 1, p. 85-103. Translation of Cerebri anatome, cui accessit Nervorum descriptio et usus. Contents. v. 1. Introduction to The anatomy of the brain and nerves, with a note on Pordage's English translation and a bibliographic survey of Cerebri anatome. v. 2. Facsimile of The anatomy of the brain and The description and use of the nerves in The remaining medical works of that famous and renowned physician Dr. Thomas Willis. Englished in 1681 by Samuel Pordage.

McGill University P{ress. Montreal.

Date Published: 1965. Tercentenary Edition 1664-1964. 2 volumes. Folio.

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