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Collection of 15 titles, of which the following 6 are not in the BRITISH LIBRARY : HARLAND, Henry. My Friend Prospero. [1913]. No.166. pp. 367, (i), (16) Catalogue. Frontispiece, title. Covers blotched, small tear to head of dust wrapper with loss. MORRISON, Arthur. A Child of the Jago. [1913]. No.149. pp. 274, (i), (12) Catalogue. Frontispiece, title. Covers very slightly blotched, wrapper a trifle bruised at the ends. BECKE, Louis. Edward Barry, South Sea Pearler. [1914]. No.176. pp. 284, (4) Catalogue. Frontispiece, title. Covers faintly blotched, wrapper very slightly torn at ends and corners, nicked at the edges, trifling loss. WHITEING, Richard. No.5 John Street. [1907?]. No.6. pp. 284, (4) Catalogue. Frontispiece, title. Covers faintly blotched, wrapper torn at the foot with loss. LAWLESS, Hon. Emily. Hurrish, A Study. [1914]. No.163. pp. 371, (i), (12) Catalogue. Frontispiece, title. Covers slightly blotched, wrapper slightly torn at the ends with very little loss, three tiny holes in the front of the wrapper, one of them affecting the board below. DOYLE, A. Conan. The Sign of Four. [1913?]. [No. 145]. pp.286, (ii). Frontispiece, title. Covers slightly blotched with a few very small patches of wear at the front top corner, wrapper worn at top and lower edges with some loss at the spine end.

The following 9 titles are recorded in the BL holdings: MARK TWAIN Tom Sawyer [1911] no.112 -:- E. W. HORNUNG Stingaree [1915] no. 181 -:- ANTHONY HOPE Sophy of Kravonia [1920] no.132 -:- MORLEY ROBERTS Salt of the Sea [1921?] no.146 -:- MRS ALFRED SIDGWICK Cynthia's Way [1909] no.52 -:- HILAIRE BELLOC The Girondin [1911] no.174 -:- SIR GILBERT PARKER The Right of Way [1919] no.109 -:- JACK LONDON A Daughter of the Snows [1916] no.164 -:- BARRY PAIN The One Before [1910] no.92.

All in striking, illustrated dust wrappers [illustrators include DUDLEY TENNANT - FRANK WILES - HAROLD C. EARNSHAW - E. F. SKINNER - LENDON - SKELTON], three of the titles show loss of the foot of the wrappers, the edges are nicked and in a few cases, the verso of the wrappers are stained by the colour of the cloth beneath due to damping, the cloth on all volumes is damp marked to varying degrees but not affecting the text [photographs of any volume available].

*These cheap, popular titles are not in themselves uncommon but are infrequently found in dust wrappers. These were so often discarded, thought of as mere wrappings until the purchaser was home. They all contain numbered listings of the 7d Library and are thus useful bibliographically.

T. Nelson and Sons. London and Edinburgh.

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