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[LILY, William].
A Short Introduction of Grammar, Generally to be Used;

Compiled and set forth for the bringing up of all those that intend to attain to the Knowledge of the LATIN TONGUE. To which are added useful observations by way of Comment out of ancient and late Grammarians. TOGETHER WITH : Brevissima Institutio Seu Ratio Grammatices Cognoscendae, Ad omnium Puerorum utilitatem praescripta: etc. etc.

pp. (lxxx) [last leaf is a blank]. Frontispiece (A1v) illustration signed: M.Burghers delin. & sculp.; (ii), 206. Contemporary panelled calf, paper spine label, the second title with old and much faded damp marking in the top half of the text which doesn't disfigure the book, a little wear to the front corners and the head of the spine, withal a decent copy.

*ESTC R554 - 'A compilation of texts, primarily by William Lily, with contributions by John Colet and others. This edition does not include the "Brevissima Institutio", that is, the grammar in Latin edited and partly written by Thomas Robertson , but does include Lily's "Carmen de moribus". Originally published as "Introduction of the eight parts of speech". Text in English and Latin.' The copy offered above does contain the 'Brevissima...'. WILLIAM LILY (1468?-1522) -the 'Short Introduction ... ' first published in 1569 and reprinted many times since. SEE also NICOLAS BARKER The Oxford University Press and the Spread of Learning, 1978, pp.20-21, #78 : 'The least sucessful of Fell's adventures was the school-book printing. Here, as with Bibles and almanacs, he was making war on entrenched enemies, who had long paid the University not to compete with them. It was the Stationers who came in October 1672 to offer Fell £120 p.a. to forbear printing their privileged books. By then, the partners had discovered that they could not compete with the cheap printers used by the Stationers ... in the end [they] took all the stock at cost ... [they] must have pulped the stock, for all that now survives is the handsome title-page for the Aesop. Lily's Grammar was the one exception: here the partners had signed a separate agreement with the patentee, Roger Norton, and continued to print it, in a text revised for Fell by Thomas Bennett, until 1733.' See the illustration, #78, in Barker.

At the Theatre. Oxford; Theatro Sheldoniano. Oxonii.

Date Published: 1699; 1699. 2 volumes in 1. 8vo.

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