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A collection of 12 colour-printed menus for luxury cruise liners, as follows :

1. S.S. HAKOZAKI MARU - 4th. March. 1928. Woodblock printed in colours. 2. S.S. KAMO-MARU - 12th. March. 1928. Lithographed in colours. 3. S.S. HARUNA MARU - 17th. July. 1929. Lithographed in colours. 4. S.S. HARUNA MARU - 18th. July. 1929. Woodblock printed in colours. 5. S.S. HARUNA MARU - 20th. May. 1930. Woodblock printed in colours.

6. S.S. KASHIMA MARU - 31st. May. 1930. Lithographed in colours. 7. S.S. KASHIMA MARU - 1st. June.1930. Woodblock printed in colours. 8. S.S. KASHIMA MARU - 2nd. June. 1930. Woodblock printed in colours. 9. S.S. KASHIMA MARU - 3rd. June. 1930. Woodblock printed in colours. 10. S.S. KASHIMA MARU - 6th. June. 1930. Woodblock printed in colours. 11. S.S. KASHIMA MARU - 7th. June. 1930. Woodblock printed in colours. 12. S.S. KASHIMA MARU - 8th. June. 1930. Woodblock printed in colours. All of these with the exception of no.7 have been designed as postcards, with two faint vertical folds and a gummed and perforated strip along the fore-edge, to facilitate folding. None of them has been folded and all measure c.27 x 19.1 cms. One side has the printed menu adjacent to a coloured image, the reverse has a central world map with the route in red, a lined space for the message and a blank space for the address and stamp. No.7 is a special printing for the SAYONARA DINNER, 'honoured by the presence of T.I.H. Prince and Princess Takamatsu'. This measures c.37.3 x 24 cms., with an all-over coloured image and the menu card inset. The woodblock printed images only are signed by the artists and are printed by NIPPON MOKUHAN CO., TOKIO (sic) - the lithographed cards are unsigned and printed by KOKKODO, KOBE, MITSOMURA, KOBE and YUUKI, OSAKA. There is no printer's imprint for the Sayonara Dinner menu.

*TOGETHER WITH 3 group photographs, two on board the MONTCLARE, CANADIAN PACIFIC, when crossing the equator, and the third in Italy with the photographer's stamp VESUVIO. Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (???????? Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha, Japan Mail Shipping Line or NYK Line) is one of the oldest and largest shipping companies in the world. It is a member of the Mitsubishi Zaibatsu with its headquarters in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. The company traces its history back to the Tsukumo Shokai Shipping company founded by the Tosa clan in 1870. In 1875, as the renamed Mitsubishi Shokai, the company inaugurated Japan's first passenger liner service, with a route from Yokohama to Shanghai; and in that same year, the company name was changed to Mitsubishi Mail Steamship Company. In 1885, a merger with Kyodo Unyu Kaisha (founded 1882) led to the adoption of the company's present name. The merged company had a fleet of 58 steamships and expanded its operations rapidly, first to other ports of the East and then worldwide, with a line service to London being inaugurated in 1899. The majority of Japanese merchant ships, tankers and liners sailed under the NYK banner in the period 1900 to 1950. Regular services linked Kobe and Yokohama with South America, Batavia, Melbourne, Cape Town; and frequent cruises to San Francisco and Seattle. Other routes connected local Chinese cabotage vessels on the Chinese coasts and upper Yangtze. In World War II the NYK Line provided military transport and hospital ships for the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy. Many vessels were sunk by the Allied navies, and installations and ports were attacked from the air. Only 37 NYK ships survived the war. The company lost 185 ships in support of military operations in the Pacific. Before the war NYK had 36 passenger ships; by the time of Japan's surrender only one, the motor ship Hikawa Maru, survived. [See Wikipedia].

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