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DARWIN, Charles.
Manual of Geology (Extracted from the Admiralty Manual of Scientific Enquiry, Third edition, 1859).

pp. 34. Original printed drab wrappers, cloth spine, protected within a quarter morocco solander box, a fine copy.

*FREEMAN #330. The Manual of Scientific Enquiry, edited by Sir John Herschel, was first issued in 1849. Darwin's contribution suffered a serious transposition of three pages of text and a few copies are known with the error uncorrected. Two subsequent issues of the same date either have the corrected text as a cancel in a pocket of the rear board or inserted in the proper place and no pocket in the rear board. An offprint of this article was also issued in that year, 1849, in the corrected form. A second edition of the entire Manual was issued in 1851, but no offprint of Darwin's article was produced. The third edition was printed in 1859, with an offprint of Darwin's Manual also issued in that year, offered here. The fourth edition of 1871 was revised by J. Phillips, including Darwin's article, and the offprint of the article in that year was of this revision. The offprint of 1849 is pp.42; the [1859] offprint is pp.34; the 1871 offprint is pp.29. Clearly the text for each of these was reset, but it is not obvious from Freeman's bibliography whether there is any textual difference between each of them. Nor does Freeman indicate the number of copies printed of each offprint. As a rule, offprints to journal articles were produced in small or very small, numbers, mostly for presentation.

Printed by William Clowes. London.

Date Published: [1859].

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