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WALES, Tony (ed.).
English Dance & Song - England's Foremost Folk Music Magazine.

v.30, 2/3/4; v.31, 2/3; v.32, 1-4; v.33, 1-4; v.34, 1-4; v.35, 1-4; v.36, 2,3,4; v.37, 1,2,3; v.38, 1,2,3; v.39, 1,2; v.40, 1. All very good copies in the original wrappers, loosely held in an Easibind folder, aroma of tobacco, probably clay-pipe. Publication was erratic, with sometimes 4 issues per volume, latterly with only three.

Date Published: 1968-1978. 33 issues in 2 folders.

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