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Motor Car 1501-2200 C.C. - 14-19 H.P.

13 leaves including the covers, 12 of these with detachable coupons for 6 months use. Stapled as issued, unused, in very good condition.

* PETER JOHNSON - 'At the outbreak of the Second World War, petrol was the first commodity to be rationed as all petrol had to come from overseas. Then in 1942 petrol for private use was withdrawn completely. It was only available for work deemed essential, and a special permit was needed to obtain it. Cars were therefore absent from the roads. All large cars were confiscated and converted into vans and ambulances.' Rationing was begun in 1939 and continued until 1950 - the above book was introduced in 1956 attendant upon the Suez crisis, and lasted for 5 months.

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