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The Place of Botany in the Life of a University.

An Inaugural Lecture Delivered Before the University of Oxford on 27 November 1953.

pp. 23, (i). Sewn into original paper wrappers, inscribed at the top margin - 'Mr. C. Holman with regards from C. D. Darlington'. With some pencil annotations by the recipient PLUS an AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED by Darlington to Holman, copies of two letters from Holman to Darlington [ all dated 1954 ], and numerous news cuttings relating to Darlington but mostly to Lysenko.

*This brief correspondence records the influence of such noted scientists as Darlington and Ashby, in print and over the wireless. Following the publication of Darlington's book 'The Facts of Life', Holman sent him a Chinese box similar to one that Darlington had described in his book - ' 'The Facts of Life'. I have been waiting for just this treatise for some years. Seeing your reference to the Chinese Box, I am taking the liberty of sending you a good example of this amazing craftsmanship.......'. In his reply Darlington wrote - ' I was most gratified to receive your letter & to find that you had discovered a meaning in my book which was concealed from the critics in learned journals. Most of them were apparently too angry to think. As to your wonderful gift of the Chinese Box I find it difficult to express my thanks........ I have never been in China............ Now it looks as though we shall never have the chance of seeing China : there is no prospect before us but one of strife & bloodshed & the destruction of good and beautiful things...........'.

Clarendon Press. Oxford.

Date Published: 1954.

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