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DOUGALL, J[ohn]. (ed.).
The Cabinet of the Arts; being a New and Universal Drawing Book Forming A Complete System of Drawing, Painting in all its Branches, Etching, Engraving Perspective, Projection & Surveying, with all their various & appendant parts, Containing the Whole Theory and Practice of the Fine Arts in General

From the first Elements to the most finished Principles, Displaying in the most familiar Manner the whole Rudiments of Imitation, Design, Disposition, Invention & Surveying, Illustrated with One Hundred & Thirty Elegant Engravings.

TEXT : pp. iii, (i) blank, (iv) Index, 384. Frontispiece of drawing instruments, engraved title; PLATES : Frontispiece, engraved title and 120 numbered, engraved and aquatinted plates [ lacking no.19 ], PLUS 5 lithographed plates numbered 97-101 incl. Of the series of 120, 28 are handcoloured and 1 is printed in colours. Thus TOTAL PLATES is 124 PLUS 2 frontispieces PLUS 2 engraved titles.

*The title to v.1 calls for 130 plates - the majority of the catalogue entries in academic catalogues do not list the plates; one of the rare collations, in the V&A Library, calls for 127 plates [ '126 (sic) aquatints (31 coloured) and 5 lithographs. Plates in vol. 2 are numbered 1-101, 97-120, 120, 122' ] - thus even this entry is imprecise. Other descriptions that I note in auction catalogues also vary one from the other. It would appear that many of the individual copies of this title have varying make-ups, using whatever plates that came to hand during the binding of the books. The plate, no.19, lacking in the sequence above might be that of a Torso, since plate no.20 is titled 'Torso Restored'. There is no indication of this plate having been cut out or removed and might never have been present. Of the COLOURED PLATES - 5 are Landscapes, 8 Conchology, 1 Echinoderm, 15 Botanical. The LITHOGRAPHS include a facsimile manuscript by [WILLIAM COMBE], a letter to ALOIS SENEFELDER praising him on the invention of lithography, and another of a lithographic press.

R. Ackermann. 101 Strand, London.

Date Published: [1821]. Second Edition with Additions. 2 volumes in 1. 4to.

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