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THE ANNUAL REGISTER, Or A View Of The History, Politics, and Literature For the Year 1787.

pp. (ii), ii, 192, *193-232*, 193-320, 202, (xiv) Contents. TOGETHER WITH : IDEM for the Year 1783. Dodsley. London. 1785. Volume XXVI. pp. (iv), 180, 193-367, (i) blank, 223, (xiii) Contents [the text is continuous despite pagination]. In this edition in the imprint the "J" of "J. Dodsley" comes below the "L" of "London"; the press figures include: in the first sequence, 1 on p. 8, 6 on p. 20; in the second sequence, 5 on p. 205. Both in contemporary boards, uncut, the rear board for the earlier volume holding by the cords, else nice, unsophisticated copies.

*SEE TODD William Burton. A bibliographical account of "The Annual Register" 1785-1825. 1961. Both volumes of interest for the accounts of the cessation of hostilities between Great Britain and the United States, and an early record of the New American Constitution : The definitive Treaty of Peace and Friendship, between his Britannic Majesty, and the United States of America, signed at Paris the 3d Day of September, 1783. Signed by DE VERGENNES and BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. pp. 339-350. ALSO : A circular letter of his Excellency George Washington, commander-in-chief of the armies of the United States of America, dated June 18, 1785. pp. 266-274. ALSO: General Washington's farewell orders to the armies of the United States. pp. 274-277. ALSO : The address of his officers to his Excellency, George Washington,......... pp. 277-279. Articles of the New Constitution of the United States of America, entered into by a Convention of all the States held at New York, and transmitted to Congress for their Approbation by General Washington, President of the Convention, on the 17th September 1787. Signed by GEORGE WASHINGTON. pp. 289-300.

Printed for J. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall. London.

Date Published: 1789. [1798]. Volume XXIX.

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