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BUDD, William and others.
REPORT ON LEPROSY by The Royal College of Physicians,

Prepared For and Published By Her Majesty's Secretary of State For the Colonies; With an Appendix.

pp. lxxvi, (ii), ii, 244. Original printed paper wrappers, a very good copy.

*The investigating Committee comprised - WILLIAM BUDD, OWEN REES, A. FARRE, WM. WITHEY GULL, GAVIN MILROY & GREENHOW. Reports were gathered from NEW BRUNSWICK, JAMAICA, TRINIDAD, ANTIGUA, BRITISH GUIANA, MAURITIUS, MADAGASCAR, HONG-KONG, MACAO, NEW ZEALAND, NEW SOUTH WALES, VICTORIA, TASMANIA, CEYLON, BOMBAY, MADRAS, CALCUTTA. There are additional essays by - GAVIN MILROY Sketch of the Geographical Distribution of Leprosy at the present Time; Notes respecting the Leprosy of Scripture; MR. NOURSE Answers to the Interrogatories on Leprosy; ERASMUS WILSON Observations on the true Leprosy or Elephantiasis, with Cases. This Report comes between the work of Danielessen & Boeck, who published the first modern description of leprosy in 1847, and the first notice of the leprosy bacillus by Hansen, in 1874.

By Eyre and Spottiswoode for HMSO. London.

Date Published: 1867. Folio.

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