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Photograph album compiled as a SOUVENIR OF THE EASTER PARTY OF THE BRITISH LARYNGOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION held at DR. WOLFENDEN'S, July 1894. Inscribed - ' With Dr. McIntyre's compts. '

Album SIZE : c.23 X 18 cms., with 8 albumen print photographs, c. 12 x 9 cms., a little fading, though overall in very good condition.

*See SCOTT STEVENSON & DOUGLAS GUTHRIE A History of Oto-Laryngology, 1949 : 'The first British society devoted to laryngology , the British Rhino-Laryngological Association, was founded by Morell Mackenzie in November 1888, and added otology in 1895; Felix Semon founded the London Laryngological Society in 1893; the two societies amalgamated to become the Section of Laryngology of the Royal Society of Medicine in 1907.' See also NEIL WEIR Otolaryngology An Illustrated History, 1990 : 'NORRIS WOLFENDEN [1855-1926] was educated at Cambridge, St.Bartholomew's and The London Hospitals. He became Lecturer in Physiology, in 1880, at the Charing Cross Hospital and later added Physician to the Hospital for Diseases of the Throat, Golden Square, where he collaborated closely with Morell Mackenzie.......... In 1887 [he] suggested his intention of starting the Journal of Laryngology and Rhinology, to Morell Mackenzie........... He retired early, became involved in the study of marine zoology and emigrated to Ontario, Canada.' JOHN MACINTYRE [1859-1929] studied in Vienna and was later appointed Surgeon for diseases of the nose and throat to the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow and Professor of Laryngology at the Anderson College of Medicine..... In 1891 he became co-editor of the Journal of Laryngology and Rhinology. He had the rare distinction of being President of the British Rhino-Laryngological Association twice, in 1893 and 1901.' At the time of the presentation of the above album, John Macintyre was President of the BRLA and Norris Wolfenden had clearly not yet emigrated to Canada and may be seen in the fore-front of the group photograph.

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