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ROBERTS, Lord Frederick Sleigh.
PROCLAMATIE. Aan de Inwoners van de Oranje Rivier Kolonie.

Nademaal eene waarschuwing volgens proclamatie uitgevaardigd werd op den 1sten Juni 1900, dat alle personen de wapens dragende tegen Hare Majesteit binnen de Oranje Rivier Kolonie, blootgesteld zouden zijn om als rebellen te worden behandeld, en nademaal het gelast werd dat alle wapens en ammunitie overgegeven moesten worden ; NU DERHALVE, Ik, FREDERICK SLEIGH, BARON ROBERTS VAN KANDAHAR............... TRANSLATED [ loosely ] : PROCLAMATION. To the residents of the Orange River Colony. Whereas following a proclamation issued on the 1st. June 1900 that all persons bearing arms against Her Majesty in the Orange River Colony would be regarded as rebels, and whereas it was ordered that all arms and ammunition should be surrendered; Now therefore, I, Frederick Sleigh, Baron Roberts of Kandahar........... There follows seven, numbered, stipulations stating that all citizens of the Orange River Colony, formerly the Orange Free State, as a consequence of the annexation of the State, were to be considered citizens of Her Majesty, except those who were part of a commando and continuously bear arms against Her Majesty; all citizens of the OFS found to be bearing weapons should prove that they were not part of a commando prior to annexation; citizens of the OFS who were part of a commando prior to annexation, and have since continuously borne weapons against Her Majesty, will be considered prisoners of war, and will be transported; any citizens of the OFS who have taken the oath of neutrality or submission and have subsequently broken that oath, will be punished by death or imprisonment or a fine; all buildings in places where scouts or other forces of enemy units are hidden, will be destroyed; all damage to railroads will be subject to a fine of 2 shillings and 6 pence per day; Her Majesty's forces will consider all persons found in the vicinity of enemy forces as themselves enemies, and will be treated as rebels. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN ! Signed by ROBERTS, Fieldmarshall, Headquarters of the Forces in South Africa, in Belfast, Transvaal, 1st. September 1900.

Printed on paper, c. 63 x 52 cms., at one time folded into four, now lined with tissue and repaired at folds and edges, some loss of paper at the edges, the loss of a few characters in the folds, but otherwise in remarkably good condition; on the reverse in blue pencil is the contemporary note - 'Taken out of a deserted Boer Farm'. This was taken by and came back to England with CAPTAIN H. E. M. STUDDY, of the Imperial Yeomanry, 85th.Company, 2nd. Battalion [he left South Africa for England aboard HMS Canada, July 18th. 1901].

*This Proclamation, one of many issued during the Boer Wars, was put out during the second phase of the Second Boer War, two days before Roberts considered the war over and England victorious. There followed two further years of a guerilla war, the third phase. The Orange Free State had been annexed on May 28th. 1900, and renamed the Orange River Colony. The stipulations of the above Proclamation can be seen as a prelude to Kitchener's 'scorched earth' policy operated during phase three. OFFERED WITH : HERFST, J. J. Post Kaart van den Oranje Vrijstaat. Geteekend aan het Typographisch Bureau van J. J. Herfst, Bloemfontein. Printed at 'The Press' Works, Pretoria. [Published by] Höveker & Wormser, Uitgevers [Publishers], Pretoria. [Sold by] W. A. Wright, Bookseller and Stationer, Bloemfontein. SIZE : c. 54 x 43 cms., on paper now lined, printed in black, red and blue, the edges and folds repaired, with some loss at the margins not affecting the image, and in one of the folds, though still in very good condition.

Curling, Drukker [Printer]. Bloemfontein.

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