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BARTHÉLEMY, [Auguste-Marseille] et MÉRY [Joseph].
Sammelband containing : 1. La Corbiéréide, Poëme en Quatre Chants. Ambroise Dupont. Paris. 1827. 3rd. edition. pp. 80. 2. Épitre a Monsieur le Comte de Villèle. Tous Les Marchands de Nouveautés. Paris. 1825. 2nd. edition. pp. 46. 3. La Villéliade ou La Prise du Chateau Rivoli. Poème Héroi-Comique en Cinq Chants. Tous Les Marchands de Nouveautés. Paris. 1826. First edition. pp. VI, (7)-83, (i). 4. Rome a Paris. Poëme en Quatre Chants. Ambroise Dupont. Paris. 1827. 4th. edition. pp. 82. 5. VIENNET, J.-P.-G. Épitre aux Chiffonniers sur les Crimes de la Presse. Ambroise Dupont. Paris. 1827. 2nd. edition. pp. 15, (i). 6. VIENNET, J.-P.-G. Trois Dialogues Des Morts et Trois Épitres. Ladvocat. Paris. 1824. First edition. pp. (iv), 111, (i) blank.

7. Peyronnéide. Epitre A M. De Peyronnet. Ambroise Dupont. Paris. 1827. First edition. pp. VIII, (9)-31, (i). 8. Étrennes a M. de Villèle, ou Nos Adieux aux Ministres. Ambroise Dupont. Paris. 1828. First edition. pp. 29, (iii) blank. 9. VIENNET, J.-P.-G. Épitre a Monsieur l'Abbé de L'Amenais. Ladvocat. Paris. 1825. First edition. pp. 31, (i).

Contemporary quarter sheepskin and marbled boards, a little wear to the edges of the spine, scattered foxing, the odd marginal tear without loss, a few leaves faintly browned, else a very good copy.

*From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : Auguste-Marseille Barthélemy (1796 – 23 August 1867), born at Marseilles, was a French satirical poet. His name can hardly be separated from that of his friend and compatriot, Joseph Méry (1798–1866), with whom he carried on so intimate a collaboration that it is not possible to distinguish their personalities in their joint works. Jean-Pons-Guillaume Viennet (18 November 1777, Béziers - 10 July 1868, Le Val-Saint-Germain) was a French politician, playwright and poet. He was also a member of the Académie française and a prominent Freemason. His long career as a soldier then a politician, playwright and poet lasted through political revolutions and literary wars, and is full of incident and travels. He had a talent for self-promotion within many regimes and got to know all political and literary dignitaries, all the while verging on unpopularity - he said "I have counted up to 500 epigrams a year against me; anyone who escapes college to join a soap-opera thinks I should have his first kick". His name was like a red rag to a bull to Republicans and Romantics, but he avenged himself on his worst enemies by fables or epithets against them.

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