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SNAPPY MEMORIES photograph album, containing 124 photographs, mostly in and around TEGUCIGALPA, probably taken in the late 1940s.

They vary in size - some 6 cms. x 8 cms., some 6 cms. x 4.5 cms., some 8 cms. x 7 cms., two are 24 cms. x 17 cms., one is 20 cms. x 14.5 cms. They are mostly characterised by sharp and clear definition and good tone and are mostly of local scenes, both street and landscape, with a few personal snaps of Europeans, presumably related to the photographer. A few are identified - Vista porcial de Tegucigalpa - Carretera del sur - Escuela Normal de Sritas - Parque la Concordia - Parque Herrera. There are a few images showing aeroplanes, some of which may be identified as belonging to TACA - Transportes Aéreos del Continente Americano - this airline was founded in 1931 by Lowell Yerex, a New Zealander, in El Salvador, with the Mexican registration letters XH, visible in the photographs. One such image shows a 'plane at TONCONTIN AIRPORT. There are distant views of the city, one showing a football stadium, one is a panoramic view comprising 5 images spliced together [15 cms. x 5 cms.]. There are many street scenes, with people on horses or donkeys, bullock carts, street sellers, some cars and commercial transport and a number showing Indian stone carvings. One interior picture shows a table with three books, two of which can be identified and dated - WILLIAM MORTENSEN The Model, a Book on the Problems of Posing, 1937 and 1948 [2nd.edition], and BETTER PRINTS by the Camerette Photo Library, c.1948. These allow us to date the album fairly accurately and show that the photographer had a keen interest in the technique of photography.

The album covers are marked and worn at the edges, the boards firmly held by a cord at the spine, a couple of the images damaged, but overall in good condition.

*Altogether, this is an evocative and informative view of Honduras immediately after WWII, by a very competent photographer - collections of images of Central America from that time are scarce.

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