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On Some Phenomena of Coalescence and Regeneration in Sponges. Reprint from The Journal of Experimental Zoology, volume V, no.2. 1907. pp. (245)-258. 4 text figures. Signed presentation copy from Wilson to SIR JAMES GRAY, with his signature also. WITH WILSON, H. V. Development of Sponges from Dissociated Tissue Cells. Offprint from Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries, volume XXX, 1910. Document no.750. 1911. pp. (ii), 30. 33 figures on 5 plates. Original wrappers as above, not a presentation copy. WITH

WILSON, H. V. On the Behavior of the Dissociated Cells in Hydroids, Alcyonaria, and Asterias. Reprint from The Journal of Experimental Zoology, v.11, no.3, 1911. pp. (281)-338. 30 text figures. Original wraps, signed inscription from Wilson to F. E. SCHULTZ, with latter's signature also, later signed by J. GRAY, disbound from volume of offprints. WITH PARKER, G. H. The Reactions of Sponges, with a Consideration of the Origin of the Nervous System. Offprint from The Journal of Experimental Zoology, volume VIII, no.1, 1910. pp. (ii), 41, (v). 3 text figures. Original wraps. disbound as above, signature of J. GRAY on front cover, a very good copy. WITH ASSHETON, Richard. The geometrical relation of the nuclei in an invaginating gastrula (e.g. Amphioxus) considered in connection with cell rhythm, and Driesch's conception of Entelechy. Reprint from Archiv für Entwicklungsmechanik der Organismen, Band XXIX, heft 1. 1910. pp. (45)-78. 9 text figures. Original wraps, disbound as above, Gray's signature on the front.


*Wilson's paper of 1907 provided the grounds for the theory of specific cell adhesion molecules, having discovered that sponges will re-form functional individuals by sorting-out, even after having been mechanically dissociated into random mixtures of their several differentiated cell types. Julian Huxley repeated Wilson's method using different species of sponge and concluded that sponge cells rearrange according to differentiated cell type.

Date Published: 1907-1911. 5 papers.

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