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Ambidexterity and Recent Criticism.

Being a Reply to Sir James Crichton-Browne's Lecture on 'Dexterity and the Bend Sinister'.

pp. 18, (ii). Disbound, blind-stamp of THE AMBIDEXTRAL CULTURE SOCIETY and WITH COMPLIMENTS in the top margin of page 1, very good copy.

*The Ambidextral Culture Society was founded by Jackson in 1903. In 1905 he published 'Ambidexterity or Two-Handedness and Two-Brainedness', with a Foreword by Baden-Powell who stressed the value of ambidexterity to the military. As so often, a high moral tone crept into the discussion and provoked the inevitable backlash against cranks, much as took place within and against the Vegetarian Society. The paper above opens with the remark - 'Certain members of the medical profession seem bent on an endeavour to crush the Ambidextral Culture Society, and to cover its supporters with the opprobrium that is usually meted out to cranks and fanatics of the most rabid type.' SEE Tamara Thornton. Deviance, Dominance and the Construction of Handedness in Turn-of-the-Century Anglo-America IN Moral Problems in American Life: New Perspectives on Cultural History edited by Karen Halttunen, Lewis Perry.

Reprinted from 'The General Practitioner'.

Date Published: February 6th and 13th, 1909.

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