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An Act for the Preservation of Sea Birds.

32 & 33 VICTORIA. CHAP. 17.

pp. (3), (i). Disbound from an annual volume, paper slightly browned, a good copy.

*'Whereas the sea birds in the United Kingdom have of late years greatly decreased in number; it is expedient therefore to provide for their protection during the breeding season:............. That the words 'sea birds' shall for all the purposes of this Act be deemed to include the different species of auk, bonxie, Cornish chough, coulterneb, diver, eider duck, fulmar, gannet, grebe, guillemot, gull, kittiwake, loon, marrot, merganser, murre, oyster catcher, petrel, puffin, razor bill,scout, seamew, sea parrot, sea swallow shearwater, shelldrake, skua, smew, solan goose, tarrock, tern, tystey, and willock;.........'.

Date Published: 24th. June. 1869.

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