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Two AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED, May 8th. 1830 from ?????, & October 22nd. 1830 from the Bryant Hotel, both to MRS. RICH, 72 Wimpole Street, [London].

1. 'Dear Madam, As I am engaged for dinner so many days, I would if agreeable to Sir James [Macintosh] breakfast with him on Thursday the 13th. I shall ??? grant ???? in revisiting the British Museum along with you and the ??? as Mrs. Chalmers and my eldest daughter are with me, and then I shall take along with us. I am yours most respectfully Thomas Chalmers' -:- 'My dear Madam I have a letter and pamphlet for you from Mrs. Chalmers but know not how to ??? it to you, as I am doubtful whether you are at present in the Town or Country. I shall therefore send this under cover to Sir James [Macintosh] by the General Post; and will be glad of your information where you are at present to be found. I leave this on Monday next for Scotland. I may come here only for a few days on the business of a Deputation for our Church. I do not like to trouble Sir James but if he could without inconvenience obtain for me an introduction to ????, I should feel infinitely obliged by the kindness. Not that I have any specific business with him - but I feel the interest of a strong general curiosity - and it is under this, that I venture to profer the request. I remain, My dear Madam, Yours with much esteem, Thomas Chalmers.

Both letters on an octavo bifolium, the earliest one side only with a covering sheet, addressed and sealed for posting, the later one on two sides, both with faint fold creases, in very good condition.

*THOMAS CHALMERS [1780-1847], Scottish divine, author of the Bridgewater Treatise - 'On the power wisdom and goodness of God as manifested in the adaptation of external nature to the moral and intellectual constitution of man' 1833.

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