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AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED to FANNY MACKINTOSH, 72 Wimpole Street, Wednesday May 12, 1830.

'My dear Fanny Certainly we will go to you on Monday & certainly I will get you an admission to Bridgewater house - let me know which Saturday will suit you & your probable number - & I will get the ticket accordingly - It is quite easy. - You shd. have had this yesterday But I was in bed at post-time with cold & rheumatism. Yours affectionately M. Callcott.

Written on one side of an octavo sheet folded, with an embossed crowned revenue stamp at the top left corner, with light posting folds, traces of wax seal, postmarked for '12 noon 12 May 1830', in very good condition.

*MARIA GRAHAM [CALLCOTT] [1785-1842] - author of travel and children's books and a fine illustrator. Maria Dundas married Thomas Graham in India in 1809 - in 1821, her husband, a naval officer, was posted to Chile and Maria accompanied him. He died on the outward voyage and Maria landed at Valparaiso in April 1821, a widow. She stayed in Chile until 1823, and occupied her time by travelling amongst the people and writing her memoirs. Late in 1822, she was witness to the worst earthquake in Chilean history and her writing of that event was the first such record. It was included in her book - Journal of a Residence in Chile - and she had also written in more detail to Henry Warburton, one of the founding members of the Geological Society of London. He published it in the Transactions in 1823 and thus started a heated controversy on the role of earthquakes in mountain building. Charles Lyell included her observations in his Principles of Geology, in support of his theories on mountain-building by volcanoes and earthquakes - in 1834, George Greenough, then President of the Geological Society, and an opponent of Lyell's theories, attacked them by ridiculing Maria Callcott's earlier Chilean accounts. She did not capitulate to this attack and published a vindicating reply, shortly to be substantiated by Charles Darwin who had himself observed large areas of land rising from the sea during a later earthquake in Chile in 1835.

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