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AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED, to MRS. RICH, from Esher, Nov. 11th. 1830 :

'There is a learned gentleman now in London - Monsr. le Chevalier de Pasavey, lately arrived from France. He is deep in the researches of Heiroglyphics, the arrow-headed character &c. and for that reason Sir Sidney Smith, (an old friend of my brother Sir Robert,) wrote by the Chevalier when he came to England a letter, introducing him to my brother. But he being then returned to South America, (on the Divisions there between the people of Bogota & Venezuela;) the letter fell into my hands and, when I saw the Chevalier in consequence, I shewed to him all the little civilities in my power: - a bad substitute for my Brother's probable knowledge of the subjects in question. - I have not even a cylinder &c. to shew him; my Brother gave the great one he brought from Babylon, with the longest portion of his other relics, to the British Museum; where, I understand, they are not yet made visible. But on the Chevalier speaking of the nail-headed characters-cylinders &c.- and then quoting Mr. Hick's labours in the Babylonian remains, I enquired whether he was acquainted with you. He replied 'No, he had not that honour.' - I then could not forbear volunteering to ask of your kindness the permission to permit him to have the pleasure of paying his personal respects to you; and under the Antiquarian I hope to ! - of being allowed to see any relics of the sort he delights in, either from Babylon or Nineveh - I mean, Hieroglyphics - or written characters of any kind. - His stay, at present, will not be more than five or six weeks in England. But if you would, (in the case of your indulging this learned man, & write on the subjects, - with an interview!) address him with so gracious a permission, at the Asiatic Society, Grafton Street, London - he would safely receive so welcome a command. - He is well known to Sir George Stanton. - And now, dear Madam, allow me to hope that yourself, and Sir James Mackintosh are in health. - My venerable parent (at 85) enjoys a green old age, thanks to Heaven; altho' the sudden departure of my Brother , so soon after his return, & before his leave was one third enjoyed!) did indeed shake her stem (?) for some time. - We (that is my sister & myself,) keep close by her fire-side - sitting, in owl' of the portentous aspect of Public Events. - We female politicians - would wish the machinery of War-times, to be all locked up in Peace - liberal wages to be given to labourers of all sorts - and then, we venture to think, Englands Home Olive would bloom again.- Believe me yours very truly Jane Porter.'

A folio sheet folded to a quarto bifolium, with faint folds for sending, in very good condition.

*JANE PORTER [1776-1850] Scottish historical novelist, sister of SIR ROBERT KER PORTER, historical painter.

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