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A lithographed copy of an autograph letter from W. E. GLADSTONE, from Hawarden Castle, Chester, Oct.1895, to the TREASURER, GUY'S HOSPITAL, 3 sides, small 4to.

The content of this letter refers to a request from the Treasurer to Gladstone, for a recommendation as a help in a fund-raising drive for the Hospital - Gladstone begins : 'I feel that the recommendation which on behalf of Guy's Hospital you have requested from me, will be greatly deficient in point of weight and authority......... The ????? that was over 40000, has sunk to 20000: but the surging sea of want, all around the Hospital, has grown wider and deeper from year to year. I wish, but vainly wish, it were in my power to bring London, and not least the City of London strictly so called, to understand the greatness and urgency of the case.... But if the net of obligation is cast thus wide over the community, let us not forget how that obligation is inherited with respect to those ???? of wealth concentrated in the City and the West End.... A word on one remaining point. ???? to find, upon the best examination I am able to make, that Guy's Hospital, ??? of living pampered by its ???? wealth, is distinguished among sister institutions by the vigilant concerns of its administrators: so that it affords to all contributors the best guarantee pertaining ? through their contributions a maximum of good. '


*W. E GLADSTONE [1809-1898], served for four premierships, his fourth and final ending in 1894, one year before the above letter was written. The fact that he no longer saw himself as a powerful figure can be readily understood from the text of the letter. It also demonstrates his well-known caution in financial matters and his reputation when Chancellor as an advocate of low public spending. In conversation with L. A. Tollemache in 1896 he said - 'I am not so much afraid of Democracy or of Science as of the love of money. This seems to me to be a growing evil.' Although he had been a Governor of Guy's, he was not, perhaps, the best person to approach in the matter of fund-raising. It is curious that this letter should have been copied by lithography - was it widely distributed and if so, in what cause ?

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