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DAWES, P. R. and KERR, J. W. (edit.).
Nares Strait and the drift of Greenland: a conflict in plate tectonics.

pp. 392, (ii). Many maps and figures. Original boards, some text highlighting, else a very good copy.

*The results of a symposium on the Nares Strait and its tectonics - introduced by two papers - 'History of Exploration and Geology in the Nares Strait region' and 'History and implications of the Nares Strait conflict'. The frontispiece gives portraits of NARES, FEILDEN, TAYLOR and WEGENER. The latter '... through his widely publicised writings on continental drift, focused attention on Nares Strait as a horizontal large-scale dislocation along which Greenland had drifted past Ellesmere Island, such that in geological discussion, Nares Strait has become synonymous with the ' Wegener Fault '. '

Meddelelser Om Grønland, Geoscience, 8. Copenhagen.

Date Published: 1982. Large 8vo.

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